Commom cold and ringing in one ear

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      Hi all. New to this site, but have had ringing in my ears off and on for years. Some days worse then others and sometime i dont notice ot at all. Usually one earnrings at a time. I find if i block that ear with a tissue for a little while it feels better, as usually of only one ear rings it make me feel better if i block it. Not sure why, bot out side noises make it feel louder. I have in the past seen the ear DR.

      Anyhow .... Does anyone ever experience ringing in one ear with a cold. Im over the hump of the cold, but still have it but am getting better, and i noticed in the days before the cold arrived my right ear kept intermittently giving me a high pitched noise for a few seconds but frequently. Then i got the cold so thursday and friday was the worst day ( righht ear ringing intermittely a little) and today saturday i wake up and it is just ringing at a constant... Could this be from my cold? Does anyone have knowledge in this area..
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      A cold can cause or worsen tinnitus. But it should go back to your normal levels as you clear up. Don't panic, get enough rest, stay hydrated, etc. And try to keep music or nature sounds to mask the noise, including when you sleep.

      You will get better!

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