Concert at the Wiltern in LA (Using Downbeats)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rudy, Oct 19, 2015.

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      Im debating on going to a concert at the wiltern in LA in December. I have T and very very low sensitivity to noise. I can handle the movie theaters decently without plugs but I'm concerned about a concert. I will for sure wear ear protection, I just bought a pair of Downbeats ear plugs. they are rated 18NRR. You guys think these should be okay?
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      Benzo + loud noise
      20 hz has a wavelength of 17.2 meters .
      Bass will not even notice that you have earplugs.
      Be careful.
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      possibly noise
      What concert are you going to? How loud do you expect it to get?

      These downbeats are plugs for music, with a more equal reduction across the frequency spectrum than foam plugs. They still let a lot of sound through depending on the frequency. They're probably fine for a solo piano performance or seeing a string quartet. If you're considering going to a concert, a louder one, then just go with the best protection you can get: foam plugs. Or don't go at all and first carefully test the waters.

      Oh, and don't stand near loudspeakers, don't shout, don't let other people shout in your ears, put the plugs in correctly before you enter the venue, take them out only after you've stepped outside etc etc.

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