Continuously Fluctuating/Moving Tinnitus Sound?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dij111, May 29, 2018.

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      Noise Exposure(Fire Alarm, Headphone Usage)
      Hey guys,

      Been a while since I've posted here (avoiding tinnitus related forums/discussions like the plague, for my own sanity).
      I am curious about the state of my ears at this stage, if anyone else is facing the same thing.

      My left ear has a normal type of tinnitus tone, sounds the same throughout the day aside from volume changes (low in morning, louder throughout the day).

      My right ear has a tone that goes up and down, every few seconds - it is not consistent, does not go along with my heartbeat, goes like eeeeeeeAAAAAAeeeeeeAAAAA.
      In some cases if I sit still and focus on it I can force it to stay on the AAAAAA tone for a while without fluctuating.

      Does anyone else have what I'm experiencing in my right ear?
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      Hi, I have similar T going up and down every few seconds... Started 3 months ago. How's you right ear doing now?

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