Correlation Between Tinnitus and Anxiety

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kar4, Oct 10, 2016.

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      acoustic trauma
      Hi all. I would like to share what happened to me last night.

      I had an awful dream. The worst type of nightmare to me... where something bad is happening to your closest relative. (Maybe most of us know it, happy who don't).
      So I woke up. As i was lying on my bed in completely dark room, thought about that dream and felt miserable. Anxiety overflown me gradually - I felt it on back of my head allmost physicaly... warm feeling and bad shivers. Asi it flown through my head, my tinnitus turned up fluently to be very loud - hard to describe - imagine you turn up the volume on a radio. So fluent and so coordinate with anxiety feeling.
      I turned to other side, lay my worse ear on a pillow and tried to think about something nice, repeated "everything will be ok" and so on. And T slowly returned back to standard volume.

      It was ...interesting. It is known, that tinnitus can be related to anxiety. But such straight correlation surprised me.
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Limbic excitability and intrusive tinnitus. A marriage made in Hell.
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      too full a life
      +1. Has to be some kind of linkage between neuron excitation...aberrant firing...and tinnitus volume as you say.
      I admit to being rather incredulous that anxiety promoting greater neuron excitation can't be addressed with neurotransmitter meds. But no drug has been identified to reduce tinnitus. Pretty surprising. Or...perhaps scientists have I.D.'ed such a drug, however it creates a cognitive deficit with usage...side effect is worse or at least debilitating compared to therapeutic benefit.
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