Coughing a Lot After Sinus Infection

Discussion in 'Support' started by jenuine, Apr 23, 2015.

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      I had a sinus infection and about 7 days ago I developed Tinnitus in only my left ear. I started getting all panicky because I am 17, and I felt like I was too young to even get it! I read about a lot of information and I know that I can deal with it if I have it permanently! Well after my sinuses cleared up, the ringing got less but the background sound is noticeable at night, but I was very very happy. Now I am paranoid about taking any medicines that might spike it up again such as pain killers. My sinuses have completely cleared but my throat feels itchy all the time, causing me to cough a lot. I went to the doctor to check for ear infections, my sinuses and all that. He said that nothing was wrong and he prescribed me "Guaiatussin" for my cough, I wanted to make sure if its safe but ended up finding no information about it online. Have you guys ever taken this medicine or know anything about it? Also if you have any OTC medicines that can work with tinnitus please tell me! Thank you!
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      Hi jenuine, I've recently gone through the same thing. First off, I'm pretty sure you can't be too young for Tinnitus, but that doesn't mean what you have is permanent. If you would like to have your ears checked to be on the safe side, you could try an ENT doctor. Also, I'm no doctor, but if your cough isn't too serious, I wouldn't take take the cough medicine. It has Codine which can cause/worsen Tinnitus. Maybe you could try some cough drops instead? Oh, and there is no medicine that can make Tinnitus go away. This forum wouldn't exist in that case. If it's already showing that much improvement though, I'm pretty sure yours will go away if just give it time. Just try not to worry so much, ok? You'll be alright. :)

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