Could Fungal Infections Cause Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by new2this, Oct 21, 2016.

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      otosclerosis? not sure
      I know I made a thread about my tinnitus slowly getting better, and it totally was, until I stopped taking the sudafed and mucinex. Now i feel like lately its back to where it was. :(

      I truly dont understand how my tinnitus came to be and i will never rest until i find out. It happened so lightly but got worse so fast (came so lightly and then hard, within the span of 2 months). It also started in the right (no hearing loss) and tinnitus then spread to the left. AND i have conductive hearing loss in my left as well. I just dont get it.

      I did listen to loud music, did go to rock concerts, but I hadn't done any of that for months before the tinnitus came. Also, i dont seem to have sensorineural hearing loss (no damage to hairs from what i suspect, just conductive).

      The fact that my ears were incredibly itchy and they were again yesterday wont let me give up that there may be something more here. I suffer from sebborhea dermatitis and am currently having a bad flare up. It has spread to my face and so I wondered if theres a possibility it could affect ones ear. I dont really think so, however, since my ear doesnt feel flaky-itchy. It feels itchy on the insides. Itching my ear canal does bring it relief for 0.02 seconds, but i know the itchiness stems from deeper within since scratching the sides of the roof of my mouth with my tongue helps relieve some of the itch.

      Any ideas?
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      Itchiness roof of mouth, etc. points to allergies. Regarding your dermatitis: My sister was diagnosed with some allergies. Cut out the offending dairy or yeast etc and her eczema cleared up.
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      Meniere's Disease
      I agree with Glojo,
      It sounds like allergie related as it happens to me when around triggers or food with triggers in.
      Try antihistamines and see if it helps.
      Please let us know how you get on....lots of love glynis

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