Could These Problems Come from Congestion, Persistent/Chronic ETD?

Discussion in 'Support' started by ASilverLight, May 21, 2020.

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      Probably noise, stress and a neck injury.
      Hey all,

      I've had tinnitus since early this year. Little background: I was going through some very taxing months before onset - lots of plans and busy times at my physically demanding job. I made two bad falls in December, one of which resulted in neck trauma for which I'm currently seeing a physical therapist. Tinnitus onset 2.5 weeks after this accident. At the time I also had an ear completely blocked by ear wax, the other ear was really full too. The resulting hearing loss caused MAJOR anxiety - I'm talking a 2 day long panic attack, and many more days full of anxiety and stress.

      I have used headphones in the past and I've been to gigs with protection. Headphone use was mostly limited to travel (usually around 20 minutes only) and late night (an hour at most, not every night). Volume low enough to always hear my surroundings (mid volume at the highest, often softer). I have never experienced temporary tinnitus or even fleeting tinnitus. Weeks before onset I had two ''scares'' aka I heard a noise and thought it was tinnitus, plugged my hears and heard only ABSOLUTE SILENCE even while listening for a noise.

      Anyway, here's my current issues.

      - crackling in ears when swallowing, yawning etc
      - unable to properly pop ears
      - discharge from ears, infrequent
      - itchy ears
      - sometimes I get a pop in my ears which feels like an air bubble popping against my eardrum
      - I've had nasal congestion issues for years now, usually it comes and goes but now has been present since September 2019 with no relief
      - slight sinus pressure
      - when I dry my outer ear parts after a shower, I often notice white bits on my towel
      - tinnitus, of course. Bilateral tinnitus but very different in both ears. No high pitched noise, several tones and some come and go. Volume and intensity vary greatly, no known triggers.

      Showering often reduces most of my tones but at times a very loud one creeps up. This one comes and goes without a clear idea why/how, I'm thinking it's muscle related. It's definitely not noise.

      I know that noise may play a factor but I had no noise trauma or excessive use of headphones around my onset, and in general my real noise exposure has been incredibly limited.

      Does anyone else have symptoms like mine? The only conclusion I can draw personally is that it's all related to persistent/chronic ETD but I'm not sure. My doctor did think this was the cause when I saw him last in March, however I've made absolutely no progress with any of my symptoms since so I don't know anymore. Would like some input from people who may know more. Thanks.

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