Crooked Bite (TMJ/Trauma/Genetic) Can Be Corrected to Help Tinnitus (Study)

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      Head Trauma
      For all my fellow tinnitus sufferers that are not noise induced, you may find this article interesting.

      Especially if you have TMJ and or a crooked bite either from TMJ, a trauma to the neck/head or even from birth.


      Effective treatment

      Now there is new hope for patients with somatosensory tinnitus due to an imperfect bite. Several Scandinavian dentists have shown that this condition can be alleviated with relatively simple physiological treatments.

      A Swedish study found that realignment of the jaw with a mouth guard or manipulation can restore the balance in the bite and reduce muscle tension. Often, the realignment required to relax the jaw and reduce tension and the resulting tinnitus is surprisingly minute. At the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm the study found found that 73 percent of 120 patients experienced a reduction in their tinnitus even two years after treatment.

      Similar results were found in Denmark, where dentists and physio-therapists work together in the treatment of tinnitus patients with imperfect bites. About half of the patients in a Danish study said they experienced improvements in their tinnitus condition, with a few reporting that they became free of all symptoms.
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      Thanks! Do you have any link to the original study?

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