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Discussion in 'Awareness & Fundraising' started by Peter_Sweden, Jan 13, 2016.

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      I'm basically just wondering if it's mainly lack of knowledge of tinnitus or lack of money for more researches that is the main reason to why they don't find a tinnitus cure?

      Would a crowdfunding increase our chances to find a cure? I mean, as we are millions of people in the world having difficult tinnitus, if we all gave let say 100$ per year, would that be helpful? I guess very many of us are willing to pay pretty much money if it increases our chances to get cured.

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    2. Markku

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      Hi Peter,

      It's a nice thought. If all tinnitus sufferers gave a measly one dollar (everyone giving $100 is utopia), that would globally generate something like $700M or more.

      However, what you thought of is frequently brought up here, such as here:

      It is simply more or less impossible to organize the tinnitus sufferers in the way you imagine.

      The ATA, as the world's most well-known tinnitus charity, has a budget of around $1M per year. Of that less than half go to research. That gives you an idea how "easy" it is to get people to give for a cause related to tinnitus.

      As for your question, would it be helpful if globally everyone with tinnitus gave $100 for tinnitus research... Well, that would mean research would get $70B (if assuming 10% of population). Yes, seventy billion. With that sort of money you could hire all the greatest minds and with someone such as Tinnitus Research Initiative at the helm of the operation, things could very well get done. Nothing would be guaranteed of course, there are such a vast array of neurological and other diseases out there without a cure or effective treatment.

      The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS (deadly disease, expected life span only a few years after diagnosis) amassed a total of $220M and that was pretty much a worldwide phenomenon. Nobody else has been able to replicate that success (yet). And $220M is far from the seventy billion your scenario would collect...

      Another point worth noting is that the US Veterans Army spends around $2B per year on tinnitus related disability payments. Yet investments on tinnitus research seems to be on the smaller end of the scale, with veterans being offered approaches such as "Progressive Tinnitus Management".

      So, in closing, I'd say that your proposal is, unfortunately, far-fetched and not within the realm of reality.

      I'd also say, based on my years of experience here, that it is incredibly hard to galvanize the tinnitus community. One of the reasons is that when people are at their most active here, they are often crippled by this awful condition. So they aren't exactly in a position to make strides toward being involved in advocacy efforts. And when they start feeling better, starting to cope better, that's usually when they leave for good (because only a very small minority stick around and help others after they've themselves gotten their lives back). To this rule there are exceptions, of course.

      Thus we're left with a small pool of people for initiatives such as Tinnitus Talk Teams.

      Sorry for digressing slightly. Ideas are always nice — and we are constantly involved in advocacy efforts here, a notable example being @attheedgeofscience who, without a doubt, has set an example I wish others would follow — but it's also important to remain realistic and focus on what can be done now, instead of daydreaming.

      Do you have any talent you could lend to one of our Teams, Peter?

      Read more about that here:—-awareness-research-tech-trobalt.7694/
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      Ok, last time I checked, there are over 7,000 members here. Imagine if all of us agreed on a single fund group. ATA, BTA whatever and donated 50 or 100 dollars a month. That is easily close to 1 million. Every 2 months they would have over a million dollars to put towards research. That would speed progress up massively in my opinion.
    4. attheedgeofscience

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      That's right. Just imagine...
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      I understand what you're saying but if we (the people on this site) donated directly to the ATA or BTA, wouldn't that skip everyone in government? We would be the ones funding research then.
    6. jss
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      Yes this (Tinnitus Talk Website) is where those who are truly suffering on a daily basis can have a voice, but honestly only through proper funding. That's where it all starts... Start donating here. If you can't donate money, join a Tinnitus Talk Team that may someday reach the right people who can make a difference.

      I am convinced that help in any way shape or form from actual sufferers is really the only road to progress. Severe tinnitus is a very serious disabling condition.

      We need research cash raised consistently. This will eventually happen, but only if more people join here. At membership on a support site like this a minimum of 40,000-50,00 members will open the doors to an actual annual budget for real fundraising through donations.

      So get the word out to Join Tinnitus Talk for sufferers who seek support and hope for a brighter future.

      The ATA in my opinion just does not have what it takes, for some strange reason they don't seem to recognize that severe tinnitus is a very serious disabling condition that has and continues to destroy peoples lives on a daily basis and the numbers keep growing.

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