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      Hello, so far I've been lucky in my 36 years of being severely deaf from spinal meningitis and only suffered a slight ringing when the aids come off. I've never go to loud shows like stadiums or concerts due to inability to hear anything but do go to a mid impact airshow with plenty of rest afterwards. Headphones were out since feedback is a problem and volume had to be kept low. Two years ago, I found a large headphone that didn't have the feedback problem and was watching movies with cinema quality sound until detectable hearing loss made it no go( 75 db explosion sounds may have damaging skull vibrations)
      6 months ago, I had an accident with tones emitted at 90 decibels at pitches I couldn't hear with no ear pain warning. It was a hellish few months with a constant loud ring disrupting sleep and vibrations in the skull from nearby construction site sounds. Fortunately, they died down leaving me with a slight ringing but the sound distortions at certain frequencies in the bass range making it slightly difficult to play car and plane simulators. I still have hope the distortion will go away as I have made peace with the ringing so I can go back to screaming across the virtual pavement/skies.
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