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Discussion in 'Support' started by kaycee, Nov 26, 2014.

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      How does one deal with the insomnia?? Last night my T was there but I did not feel bothered by it the night before last I was able to sleep with no sleep aid tea or sound other than the normal fan. But last night OMFG!! I COULD NOT SLEEP EVEN IF I TRIED! maybe got some sleep and didn't know but I know for sure it was definitely not enough. What to do in this situation when you have work the next day?? Please help me I need help! :/
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      Frequent viral infection ENT, loud music, BP sugar
      Pls take melatonin
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      How much of it? I've seen 3 6 and 10 mg how they kick in? I've never used it before
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      (Health) Anxiety
      I don't know if this helps much.
      But I have loud, high-pitched T. But never had any sleep problems. Luckily.
      I am tired from the day and at 11 PM I just fall asleep.
      Because I know that during my sleep I do not hear T.
      Therefore I sometimes think that it is oftentimes the anxiety, tension and thoughts keeping people awake.
      But I don't know. I need to say I also take the AD Remeron which is a sleeping aid.
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      Insomnia can often be related to anxiety and severe anxiety is very common in the early stages of T. This is especially true if the T has a sudden onset. I remember the problems I had with insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns (along with loss of appetite and other anxiety-related symptoms) when I first began to suffer from T. The anxiety is very likely to recede over time but see your doctor if it is causing you major problems. My doctor prescribed Zopiclone which helped in the short term.
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      If you can manage it, stay away from any prescription drugs. Natural sleep is by far the best sleep for you and dependency sucks.

      Melatonin is effective. In terms of dosing, you need to experiment and see what works for you. The most common dose is 3mg but I've read studies that cite doses as low as 0.25mg as being effective. Just grab a pack and play around with it, you might find that you'll start having some crazy vivid dreams when you take it.

      Other than that, regular exercise!
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      I agree with @PhilB 's advice. Spot on. I'll add: Must address anxiety. When insomnia is anticipated, a vicious cycle ensues. I would try melatonin, Valerian root, chamomile tea, exercise, bright light, anything that boosts serotonin, etc. Once sleep improves, T will likely subside some. Nine months ago I battled a nasty spike using the above. Now I often violate all the rules of good sleep hygiene, climb into bed with T ringing away, and still sleep fine. T and anxiety have become just background nuisances. YMMV.
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