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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gary, Aug 12, 2012.

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      Hi everyone, my name is Gary, I am married, 65 years old, retired male. My T just started on 7-29-12 so I am a newbie:)

      In 96 I had mt first heart attack, 2001 my 2nd, 2007 colon cancer, then May of this year I had to have open heart surgery for a 4 way bypass.

      Now I have this as I recover, to be honest the noise is very loud pretty much 24/7 ringing, buzzing high pitched sounds. It is by no means anywhere near as bad as the stuff I have already gone through, yes I wish it would go away, but if not, I am not going to make a big deal out of it.

      I learned that from reading posts right here, not to give T any power over you. I try to focus on what I am doing and that's pretty much it. It may sound to good to be true, but hey what choice do any of us have. I did not go through all the above to let this get me down.

      Having an understanding spouse to me, is very important. When I see her it helps me draw on my strength.

      I am seeing an ENT like most others here. My ENT has me on steroids, they call it a "met pack" It is meant to be taken over a 6 day period. Take 6 pills the first day then 5 the next and so on, I am on the third day and see no improvement so far, he wants to rule out an inflamed auditory nerve, thus the steroids. I will see how it goes when I am done with the meds.

      I got ahead of myself and asked about noise generators, if the steroids do not work, he said there are other things he would like to try first to mask the noise. I did not ask what, I figure I'll wait and see.
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      Hi Gary

      Just a wee note to say I like your a attitude and I hope the steroids work? As for me I'm on may knees with fear the T started after an ear infection three weeks ago and like a lot of people on here I am scared I don t know if i will get through this . I have been sitting reading and looking for guidance thanks for your post
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      Andy, have replied to your other thread. Hang in there.

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