Dentists in Los Angeles That Accommodate Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mr_Orange_3737, Oct 13, 2020.

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      Hi, my worst fear might be coming true. I just went to a dentist today and had x-rays done. He said that there's a cavity under an old cavity filling that needs a crown. The tooth is the upper rear tooth on my right. The right side is where my ringing ear is.

      I'm going in for a second opinion in 2 days though because I'm a bit suspicious from looking at the x-rays. I have no pain in that tooth at all and the dark spots he pointed at don't look much darker than spots you see you on many of my other teeth.

      I'm 2.5 months into my tinnitus and I also have hyperacusis. My tinnitus is low but my hyperacusis is sometimes to the point where certain people talking sound quite loud.

      I'm in the Torrance area and have called at least 8 different dental offices in the past few days. Not a single one has experience in dealing with Tinnitus. A few of them simply suggested putting on earplugs like it was no big deal, not having a clue about the occlusion effect that is so commonly discussed on here.

      Can anyone here recommend a good dentist in the LA area? From the tips I've gathered, it seems like you want someone who:

      -will let you lift your head up
      -will drill 5 seconds and pause for 10
      -will accommodate multiple appointments
      -has an electric drill (not air)
      -has laser dentistry

      Am I missing anything by the way?

      I also heard that extraction and implants are a risky route too because it can damage nerves which also affect tinnitus. My dentist said that the sound of the implant drill isn't as loud though.

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