Depressed, Depressed and Depressed.

Discussion in 'Support' started by DDD, Sep 23, 2016.

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      noice induced/acoustic trauma
      If my tinnitus was the only thing I was dealing with, then I feel like I could habituate. It's severe and reactive and my moderate H is a bitch.. but I have enough faith in myself (kinda) that I believe that in time I would eventually get there.

      But it's not. I have bad jaw pain, headaches, Pain around my eyes, pain in my neck and back, I feel off balanced/dizzy, my ears feel full (not sure if ETD or part of tmj) and I just can't deal. I'm pretty sure I have TMJ but havent went to doctors as of yet because of financial issues. Been scraping up money to try and go.. but I don't even know if all of my symptoms are related to tmj. My legs, feet and arms constantly feel tired and idk if this is from stress or what Because i already had this specific symptom before my onset and I was at a high level of stress and anxiety beforehand.

      Im hoping if I get a splint ( dont know where I'll get this money from!) Then most of these symptoms will ease off and go away. But now reading diff forums I'm reading it's not that easy to fix and now I'm really depressed. Sigh.
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      Check your thyroid when you go to the doc, lots of your issues could be thyroid related.
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      Meniere's Disease
      I would see your doctor about your depression and have some talking therapy too as this will help you in a more positive outlook dealing with your tinnitus and Hyperacusis.
      I have just been through a month of depression following medication changes from a old AD and had great support too and come through it back to my happy self and you will too.
      For TMJ until you get a mouth guard go on to a soft food diet and try not yawn or over bite on Apple's or eat chewy meat.
      You can get medication to help the dizziness and I would have ENT do some tests to rule our Menieres.
      You need help now with stress and anxiety and depression and Mental Health are a great support as I speak highly of them for the support that they have given me.
      You will get through this bad time and be here to support others when you do.
      Stay strong ....lots of love glynis
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      noice induced/acoustic trauma
      @glynis thank you for the suggestions although I'm a bit scared to get on any ADs because of all the "addiction" talk. But I guess it's just a risk i have to take...
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      noise, and possible head trauma
      did you try antidepressant? If so which one? and has it worked? I am in similar postion
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      @DDD -

      I had a $400 splint that did essentially nothing good; now I have a $1700 splint (lol overpriced plastic!) that actually seems to help quite a bit; when I sleep with it my jaw is in a different position when I wake up, and I think that over time the amount of jaw pain and popping I've been experiencing is decreasing (though certainly not fixed). TMJ care is full of woo and snake oil salesmen, but I am not sorry to have invested in this appliance at this point.

      If you can't afford to do that at present I would strongly recommend reading this book:

      In addition to explaining the condition, it lays out a bunch of straightforward, no-nonsense practical things you can do yourself -- and the author strongly encourages people to try that for a period of time before investing in an appliance, for reasons too numerous to list here.

      The author does make some (perhaps woo) claims that TMJ can be a driving factor in fibromyalgia-like symptoms. I am not sure I completely agree; I think that in my case, my jaw trigger points are just one manifestation of a systemic problem. However, if you do have the other kinds of muscle problems you have mentioned, then you may find that part of the book pretty interesting.

      Other than resting your ears and eating/sleeping well, you probably can't do much about your tinnitus and H. You probably can do something about your TMJ and depression if you put effort into it -- so that's what I'd try to do in your shoes!

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