Depression Lies: Woman Writes Plainly about Sister's Depression & Suicide

Discussion in 'Support' started by marqualler, Mar 25, 2016.

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      Because depression is a bedfellow of the anxiety that comes with Tinnitus, I wanted to share this article written by a woman in Minnesota who wrote an amazing article about her sister's depression and suicide. These I think are powerful words. Although she did not suffer from Tinnitus as far as I know, I think the depression that she suffered from is likely similar to that which many of us have experienced as well.

      Here is the original obituary:

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      Thank you for sharing this link....lots of love glynis
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      So very sad!
      We can only hope that more people would follow an example of this brave sister who isn't ashamed to openly talk about it.

      Another murder suicide here in Australia yesterday, mother killed her 2 year old boy then herself, suffered from PTSD due to domestic violence:(

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