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Discussion in 'Support' started by SeekIngAlpha, Sep 8, 2015.

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      Just wanted to 'hear' from someone awake right now who is dealing with the problems tinnitus causes. In my case, lack of concentration. Hard to even write this.
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    2. Dave AUS

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      Too Loud Indoor Rock Concert
      Im here. From Australia. Its daytime here but as I've oost my job I'm couch sitting. I get you. Bet it was even hard to type 'hear'. Talk to me
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      Hello there. I'm from Philippines. anything you want to share. we are here for you.
    4. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi ,
      Concentration can be hard with tinnitus as the sound takes over our quiet hearing for us to focus and harder if you hear the sound in your head too.

      Your head can fell wuzzy with everything going on and brain fog apart of it stops the concentrstion .

      I find when in a meeting I sit at the front with only people on one side so I know its one side not got people chatting next to me.

      Reading books can be hard and in a work situation harder if its more mental than physical .
      At work try have a light background sound going if you can or even a ticking clock anything to distract your sound.
      Also go for a break like a not needed toilet break just to give your self a break.

      At home build up your concentration listening to music and programs you like and on better days try a film you like.
      We can build up confidence and concentration but if you have a spike remember it will settle to your base sound again soon.....lots of love glynis

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