Developed High Blood Pressure Together with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by ForestVibes, Dec 5, 2019.

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      Hi Doctor.

      I am really stressing out. Not about my tinnitus, but the fact that I have developed high blood pressure at the same time as my tinnitus appeared (3.5 months ago).

      I am 24, and have a consistent BP reading of 140/90.

      My question to you is, do you recommend I take BP medication or rather not. I really do not want to, but I am scared it may cause other problems for me further in life.

      My tinnitus is very low in volume and I am able to mask it with almost anything. Benzos don't help my BP, nothing does. It almost seems that my tinnitus is so low that it doesn't want to make itself known.
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      Hello @ForestVibes -

      I do not know you well enough to recommend whether or not to take blood pressure medication - but your own doctor does, so you should absolutely check with him or her. Sometimes you can control hypertension with diet alone, but a consistent blood pressure of 140/90 in a 24-year-old requires attention: diet and/or medication, as your doctor recommends.

      And as a general principle untreated hypertension is far more likely to cause problems further in life than will the anti-hypertensive medication required to bring it under control, if diet alone will not do the trick.

      So absolutely sit down with your doctor and carefully go over your options.

      All the best with it.

      Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.

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