Did a Medication Lower Your Tinnitus? But No Longer Does? If So, Which One?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Aug 24, 2017.

    1. JasonP
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      I am curious because I have read a few posts where people took a medication that worked at first but then stopped.

      If you could, please state the medication and how long you took it before it stopped working.

      Also, if you stopped it for a while but then took it later on if it started working again.
    2. Core2Duo

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      Noise induced
      clonazepam. however as it produces adiction my ENT is lowering. The T is no raising but I can not manage to sleep more than 5 hours...
    3. sanj100

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      I haven't taken any medication myself. But many people have reported Xanax working wonders on their tinnitus. However, it comes with some hefty side effects and some people built up tolerance quickly, not to mention the drug is very habit forming.
    4. Tamara

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      All the medicines I took helped a maximum of one week. And it's almost unbelievable that, some of them, only act the first time they were taken. Xanax was the best but for a few days. I continued because I have panic attack bc of T, but now I'm having several side effects. We create addiction and very fast tolerance. In fact, meds are to treat consequences of the T like anxiety, depression, panic,insomnia...
    5. Pleasure_Paulie

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      Noise or maybe... unicorns!
    6. Niko

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      First time I had mild tinnitus I tried:

      Newton Homeopathics Ear Ringing (pellets)

      I could immediately feel difference, and just after a week my tinnitus got really low. And I took this pellets years after I had tinnitus.

      Second time I developed a more severe tinnitus, strangely they didn't help me to lower that pitch, so I tried:

      Natural Care, RingStop (capsules)

      They just helped slightly, not as much as I wished for.

      Third time, a more severe tinnitus pitch, I tried both of them again, and this time the Newton pellets seem to help a bit. I'm still taking them and hoping for a recovery.

      I just ordered Clear Products, Clear Tinnitus (capsules) and will try them out as well.

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