Diet-Based Treatment: Dr. John McDougall

Discussion in 'Support' started by Guitarplayer007, Feb 10, 2016.

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      But I have heart disease and started watching Dr. Mcdougall's videos on reversing most of the diseases that effect Americans. They now know with 100% certainty that most disease is caused by the American standard diet and that most diseased including Heart disease and type 2 Diabetes can be cured very quickly by changed to all plant based diet made up of mostly starches, grains, vegetables and fruit. So what I'm getting to is I was watching one of his videos and he mentioned ringing in the ears as something that can either be cured or improved because when you go plant strong your arteries start to open up thus increased blood flow to all areas. I haven't gone 100 plant yet, but I'm going to shortly...I will let you know if it improves my T.
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      I'm affraid not only americans get tinnitus. Diet based or supplement approches do nothing for tinnitus.
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      Yes I know people from around the world get T, the question is are they meat eaters or not? For instance do people in Japan get T as much as Americans since they still live mostly on Starch and vegetables, although that's changing so their rates of disease are increasing as well. Because so far treatment hasn't even come close to curing this. Like I said they never thought you could cure Heart Disease or Diabetes with diet until they actually did studies and showed that people with Type 2 who stopped eating all animal products and no added oil could go back to being normal with zero signs of diabetes.. And heart disease can be halted and even reversed in most cased...20 years ago know one would have believed, but it turns out that the correct food is the;s better then any medical procedure.
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      i have T.... and my diet is mostly veg and fish.
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      The diet you describe won't fix a broken leg. Neither will it fix dead nerves. I'm all for eating healthy but I don't think this will help much with tinnitus.
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      As best we know tinnitus and related sound issues do not work like diabetes and heart disease. There may be some for whom improved blood flow may be beneficial, but were that the case generally it would come up as a legit medical option/investigation by now somewhere surely. I don't think anyone here has been offered that as a medical advice, and there's a lot of us here, including you. If you are taking this path, then by all means, it can't hurt at all, and someone just may benefit a bit from this advice, and good health generally would benefit our coping skills, cure here.
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      1st time: Megaphone ;2nd time: headphones too loud
      well there are success stories, saying that a good diet changed their T and made it decrease. So you should give it a try :)
      I think my blood does not flow properly.At least it feels like that. I cant walk since 2 months properly so I am mostly laying around eating crap food.

      I would like to change that, bit I cant.

      so give it a try, I am lookibg forward to hearing from ur results

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