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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by JoelH, Apr 28, 2015.

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      Hello everyone,
      Just joined today. I've had success the last couple of weeks. Taking my SWAG here, I've had an inordinate amount of dental work done on my top teeth in the last year - 3 Root Canals. I believe in a good mouth ecology and the doctors saw no trauma but it was what it was and I had the root canals. Tissue was dead,dead,dead. Could have been from the invisalign but who knows. I had a 3D xray taken at the Endodontist and he in passing mentioned a thickening in one of my sinuses which made me see my friend, a mostly retired ENT who did a fellowship under the namesake of the lab at the Mass Eye and Ear in the '60.
      He gave me a round of corticosteroids, sinus rinse and I started on doing my own facial massages( stretching Masseter muscle) and my T is 85% gone. Again, my amateur hour, "Internet Doctor" .02 but I think the steroids helped with the inflammation along with warm compresses, opening up the Eustachian tube and helping it drain. The Sinus rinse does a pretty thorough job more importantly it relaxes my facial muscles. The virus/bacteria from my dental episodes is leaving my body. Here to fight another day!

      So moral of the story - Have those cavities drilled, old fillings replaced if needed and get rid of those bacteria. They can drill a hole right in your jaw if not treated. Little buggers. Also, check to see if you have TMJ. Now I'm going to go to and Endocronologist to find out why my Adrenal Glands failed me!
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      This is a heartening story @JoelH
      Especially after 5 years in from onset.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Wish you continued diminishment :)
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      not sure
      That is 15 years from the onset (since 2000). That is great news. I wonder sinus rinse can help lower my T because of constant blocked nose and inflammation. It is always nice to know a simple procedure can help lower the T loudness. I will check with my ENT in the next visit.
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