Distant Foghorn in My Head

Discussion in 'Support' started by slashdottir, Oct 3, 2015.

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      For a number of years I have been aware of a very low intermittent hum that I thought was coming from some nearby power plant or electrical transformer or something. It sounds like a foghorn about 20 miles away, possibly underground, but only my left ear hears it. Of course, it is tinnitus at last I realize. I don't now how you would classify it, it is irregular. It turns on, goes steadily for about 5-20 seconds then goes away for a bit, then returns again. It's not pulsating, like a pulse, it's got no definite pattern, but it is ever happening. If there is enough ambient noise and distraction it's not a problem, but when I get home where it is much quieter, it seems almost like a roar.

      I spent a few days recently cleaning out my left ear with things from the drug store. I'm certain the problem is not wax or canal related, but something accumulated inside. If I pinch my nose and blow, it sounds like there is peanut butter and jam in there, it sounds very sticky and smacky.

      I feel like it is almost certainly something to do with my eustachian tube of my left ear. I was a passenger in a car accident 30 years ago that gave me a deviated septum, so the left side of my nose can't draw air through and I suspect the eustachian tube is being pressed or obstructed possibly. Also, I have always tended to really honk my nose hard when I blow it and I wonder if I haven't created trouble that way also.

      At any rate, I'm trying out some internet suggested techniques like breathing steam and using a neti pot and hope this problem will get resolved soon.

      Thank you
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      Hi , I hope in time you find peace with your ear sound and try to live your life doing all you can to stay happy .
      When your nose is really gunky it can be felt in our ears when we blow our nose .
      The extra mucous can ramp up our tinnitus but how we react to it plays a big part in how we cope ....lots of love glynis
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      Thank you for your kind thoughts. I tried some of the advice on this forum and it's better today. Thank you
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