Do High Frequency Audiogram, OAE, LDL Testing Matter for Tinnitus Treatment?

Discussion in 'Support' started by KWC, Oct 28, 2020.

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      Hello. My name is Ken. I have been on the forum for a while with tinnitus since January. Not sure completely what caused mine (ear infection, TMJ, stress, allergies, etc.).

      My tinnitus is in my right ear only with a continuous high pitch ringing that I can modulate with my jaw. I am currently undergoing splint therapy for TMJ which has helped pain but not tinnitus.

      I have seen multiple ENTs and have had 3 standard audiogram tests done. All of the tests do not show hearing loss.

      I would like to get feedback to see if high frequency testing, OAEs, LDL testing, and tinnitus matching would change what the outcome treatment plan would be. It does not seem so...?

      I am in the US and a University a couple of hours away from me can do this extensive testing, along with tinnitus consultation. Depending on my test results they noted possibly using Sound Generators, Hearing Aids, or Neuromonics.

      I am not sure that would be any different than working with an audiologist near me that I am already trying White noise generators with.

      My question is basically is the extensive testing worth the effort/cost if the treatment plan does not seem any different than with standard hearing testing?


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