Do I Have Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by dmi, Jan 29, 2014.

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      hi everyone
      im new to this forum and have been experiencing symptoms which may be hyperacusis for the last 3 months and would be grateful if anyone could let me know their a 30 yo male with no other significant health problems to speak of. all symptoms seemed to start around the same time.

      i have constant tinnitus in both ears, more in my right ear but no hearing loss at all. im also experiencing throbbing/tingling pulses in my forehead just above my eyes. these come in pulses but there is no pain, just a feeling of throbbing or pressure in my lower forehead. best way to describe the sensation is like eating ice cream or drinking a cold drink really fast but with no pain. these come on when ever i hear quiet to average level noises and seem to be limited to these kind of noises only! whenever i hear loud noises or play loud music through headphones i dont experience the throbbing. noises going from a gentle breeze outside my bedroom window to your average office noises seem to set me off. also lying down with my eyes closed in bed seems to make it exceptionally worse. the throbbing almost seems in sync with my heartbeat

      the only relief i can get is from blocking out all noise (with ear muffs/ear plugs) or playing loud music through headphones. also if i get up and walk around it seems to stop. maybe the walking and loud music sets off some vibration in my ear which seems to agree with me not sure. the tinnitus has stayed contant, gets slightly worse maybe when i have heavy throbbing. the throbbing also make me dizzy and and some occasions has made me nauseous and sick, like vertigo. although my doctor says its not vertigo as i have no balance issues. also took some anti vertigo medication but had no affect

      does this sound like hyperacusis to anyone? from reading up on it the main symptom seems to be ear pain which gets considerably worse with loud noises. but what im experiencing seems to be the opposite with quieter noise giving me problems. aside from the odd bit of ear crackling and vibrations i have no ear pain at all. my doctor doesnt seem to have a clue and im now waiting to see an ENT
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      God knows
      Hi dmi. Welcome. It doesn't sounds like hyperacusis to me. Sorry that I am not much help. Not sure if the rest would be able to shed some light.

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