Do You Have Tinnitus When You Are Asleep?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MattYYZ, Apr 15, 2016.

    1. MattYYZ

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      October 2014
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      Wish I knew. Several theories. No solutions yet.
      I was told my tinnitus is a hallucination; in response to losing hearing in the 4000 hz range, my brain creates a hallucination in that same range to compensate for the loss ( thanks brain, I'd be better without it). It is constant, never wavers, and I have had it for 18 months.

      I guess there is no way to tell, but I am honestly curious if it continues when I sleep. Does anybody know this? I wonder because what I believe is that overall, tinnitus contributes greatly to general fatigue and if it continues when you are asleep, it affects the your bodies number one time for recuperation.

      I tried a masking machine and used to run youtube videos for awhile but found them really annoying when I woke up in the middle of the night. Now I just find a podcast I like and set a timer for it to go off in about 45 minutes and I'm usually asleep by then.
    2. linearb

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      bright minds think that no, you do not.

      To dream is to cure phantoms: Professor Dirk...

      beyond that, there's no reason I've found to think that sleep in the presence of constant noise, isn't restful. For instance, many people sleep with fans or white noise machines or music.
    3. Marie79

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      Ear infection
      Yea it wakes me up constantly
    4. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      I have lucid dreams very often in the last few years, I can not hear my T in my dreams, I have tried listening for it many times while asleep and dreaming.
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    5. Mario martz

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      in the last two days i wake up to pee in the middle of the night with no t
    6. zeroday

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      Driving Truck
      I have never thought of this. I would have to say my T has never been in my dreams...seems odd doesn't it, as nothing masks it...
    7. rzhang

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      Had a dream where suddenly my tinnitus spiked, woke up to spiking tinnitus. Thankfully it was temporary
    8. suze

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      Tinnitus can be seen with real time imaging. They first saw it while treating a man with Parkinsons. I would think this question would be answered by scanning an asleep T sufferer........ I wish someone would do that.
    9. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      Tinnitus is no hallucination, whoever told you that is full of sh**

      Tinnitus is noise that is in your head. When you are alseep, you don't notice them.
    10. SwiftLeo

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      I had one dream where I smoked pot and my T spiked, but I woke up and it was as low as it usually is when I first wake up. Other than that, nope o.o

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