Do You Still Listen to Music with Earbuds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by katriina, Feb 8, 2014.

    1. katriina

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      I like to listen music while I'm walking outside or when I'm jogging etc... But does this cause more harm to my T? I almost can't exercise without music... Is it okay to listen music with earbuds if volume isn't too loud?
    2. carol kane

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      Hi Katriina i'm no expert, and i've never had earbuds in my ears so i can only tell you what i have read but apparently if you have T then you shouldn't use them, even at a low level, i don't know why but i have read that from time to time ... someone else on here will have more knowledge about it, but i wouldn't use them at the moment until you have had the all clear by someone who knows what they are talking about ... sorry i couldn't be more help!!!
    3. shan

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      God knows
      I used to use them before my recent spike albeit not on a daily basis. I think it is okay to use it as long you keep the volume low. I avoid using them when I am outside because it will distort my perception of the volume.
    4. Markku

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      I use IEMs (Westone UM2) extensively for music listening when out and about.

      Haven't done any harm to myself. Since they block so much external noise, I don't need to keep the volume loud at all.

    5. yonkapin

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      You can definitely still use ear buds - just make sure the levels are reasonable and you'll be all good to go!

      However, if you have something like hyperacusis and find that they make you uncomfortable or cause more problems then ease off them for a while, otherwise you will be fine.
    6. Stina

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      I think the the rule is: listen to it for 60 % of max volume no more than 60 minutes a day. If you listen more quiet (40-50% of volume) you can listen longer:) However maybe if you jog next to a high way the noise level produced by traffic is so loud you are not able to hear over it so maybe turn it off then (unless you use sound blocking buds like Markku). Also, wear buds not in-ears or over-the-head are even better.
    7. Raul

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      i think it's alright actually i use music with earbuds to be less aware of T:)

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