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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mike L, Feb 8, 2016.

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      Hey everyone!

      So I posted in the Introduce Yourself thread with my return if tinnitus and wanted to share with you all what my new doctor has told me.

      Quick info on my T. I had it 4 years ago for about 6 months pretty bad in my left ear. I was messing with the left side of my jaw one day and it popped and my T instantly went away.

      Now here I am and my T has come back. The doctor did a number of test on me, but the one that caught both of our attention was some test where she put her finger inside my left ear and told me to open and close my mouth. I did and you could feel and hear crunching and popping in my left ear. She said it possibly could be TMJ.

      Has anyone with T had this be the cause? I'm coping pretty well with my T now, but am hopeful that may be the culprit.
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      Hi Mike,
      If you have tinnitus through TMJ your dentist can make you a mouth guard to fit over your bottom teeth to help keep the pressure off your jaw and this could help settle down your tinnitus....lots of love glynis

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