Doctor Thinks There Could Be Something Wrong with the Anatomy of My Ear and Ordered a CT Scan...

Discussion in 'Support' started by B18c1vtech, Nov 19, 2020.

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      Head Trauma??, poor diet, sleep, stress, etc..
      My doctor ordered a CT scan, despite my last MRI (no dye) showing no issues.

      I have experienced SSHL in my right ear, which recovered (at least mostly) on its own in 24 hours. My right ear has a slight loss in the lower frequencies compared to the left, and has slightly worse tinnitus in the lower tones, which is why my ENT ordered a CT (different ENT than the one that ordered an MRI).

      I have been experiencing ear pain in both ears intermittently since my last plane ride (not too concerned about this, it's improving greatly). I do also have ETD in my right ear (caused by barotrauma), which I'm honestly not sure my ENT really understood when I tried explaining this to him... (I have a hard time explaining things).

      He seems to think there could be something wrong with the anatomy of my ear? So maybe he ordered a CT for the wrong reason?

      Well, my CT is tomorrow (I always do this at the last second -_-), and I'm not sure the radiation exposure is really warranted in this case... Is there really any realistic chance they will find anything, especially considering my last MRI came back normal?

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