Does a Cochlear Implant Sound Like This?

Discussion in 'Support' started by lis, Oct 10, 2020.

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      I know some of us have fantasized about the idea of cochlear implants curing our distortions/tinnitus, including myself.

      However, the sample audio here sounds scary, like an angry robot alien. Is this an accurate representation for those of you that have CI's? I am wondering how to find audio samples of the "best" CI technology.

      @FGG and those of you that have music distortion, is there any similarity at all?

      Music through an Auditory Implant -...
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      This isn't CI sound. It's auditory brainstem implant sound.

      But there are definitely similar elements to my music distortions but not as bad but similarly unlistenable.
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      I think there are around 3500 inner hair cells and a cochlear implant has a limited amount of receptors (I think it is less than 20) so they do not interact among each other.
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      Thanks! Watching this clip just makes me treasure my imperfect hearing and feel I’m so so privileged to be given the gift of sound but sadly took it and so many things for granted foolishly.

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