Does Anyone Have Any Insight on What May Be Going on

Discussion in 'Support' started by happyfriend, Dec 7, 2014.

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      My T started 24 days ago. I had a headache and what felt like a possible sinus issue. I do have bad allergies but I did not feel that I was congested. I went to the Dr and she put me on the Z pak , gave me a steroid shot and gave me flonase. I felt better the ringing got way better during the day but ramped up big time at night.
      Its been about a week and a half since i have been off the Z pak. Some days its a loud hiss and I have had a few days where it is barley audible. But it always comes back at night about 1 or 2 in the morning. This causes me a great deal of anxiety that starts a whole cycle of depression trying to figure it out. I also have had a history of grinding my teeth because the dentist has told me several times that I am wearing my molars out. I am depressed and anxious and I need to get my life back!! Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I think the stress from this has caused me to just feel pretty sick most of the time and makes me feel like I can't eat ( which is not good, I am 106 and 5 7)

      Thank you for listening!
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      I'm a grinder AND a snorer. I'm guessing that over half of the people on the forum are too but don't know it. When I lay on my back in bed with a towel rolled up for a pillow instead of a conventional pillow that forces the teeth together and puts my throat in a bent snoring position, I sleep like a baby AND don't have to measure my response to T in the morning because it doesn't bother me.
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