Does Everybody Get a Neck Examination + Checked for OBJECTIVE Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by wishingluck, Dec 22, 2015.

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      not sure, but probably acoustic trauma
      I keep reading in medical papers that for tinnitus 'a thorough head, ear and neck examination should be carried out'. I didn't get neck examined. Did you? Also, why don't all doctors check for objective tinnitus with a stethoscope? I am starting to find reasons why the blood pressure, carotid etc has something to do with the T, for example when I exercises, the T becomes louder, even when I stop moving, then subsides after about 20 minutes. Today I found out that when I hear loud T and I lower the chin, the T drops noticeably. I also have read in this article

      about how someone had a carotid problem. There's written that one can tear the carotid with OVEREXTENDING the neck. My trouble started after a visit with the dentist ( I didn't see a dentist for years prior), and I remember I was in a very difficult position with my head unnaturally turned back for about 45 minutes.

      What should I do? How do I rule out objective tinnitus? any advice?
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      I guess you need to press for it.
      When I first got T 2012 I came to ENT, I said I was afraid something was wrong so I got an MRI.
      Then I said that I have pain in my neck, and she sent me to Physical therapy to help wth my neck.

      The MRI mostly calmed me down because I knew nothing was wrong inside me, and physical therapy helped me over few months to get my severe neck tensions under control which helped lower me T as well.

      That T gets louder during workout and shortly after is very common, and I think most feel like that. The blood gets flowing and whatnot :)

      You should check a dentist to see if you have jaw problems, grinding teeth etc. I can alter my T (but only make it higher) when I put pressure on my jaw etc, most also can do this. But have no TMJ or other jaw related problems myself.

      If you feel you have neck problems with stiffness etc you should also check that out.
      For me stiff neck increase my T, I have very stiff neck problems again since my spike and I will start seeing my physical therapist again in January to work on that. (Sometimes when I tilt my head towards left it locks up with heavy pain etc) Also that side my T is worse.
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      The question should be:

      Does anybody get more than "there's nothing to be done, you will learn to live with it" from their doctors?

      Testing for objective tinnitus... 99.9% of doctors won't do that unless being pushed. And all will not do it even then.


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