Does Hyperacusis Put You at Higher Risk for Developing Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by AnotherProblem, Jul 3, 2018.

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      I think I just heard some tinnitus coming on while I was watching a video. Is this a matter of your ears being more at risk when they're more sensitive to sound or something?
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      HI @AnotherProblem

      Although some medical conditions can cause hyperacusis, this condition is often associated with tinnitus brought on my exposure to loud noise. Do you regularly listen to music through headphones and perhaps at loud volume levels without realizing it? Or going to clubs, concerts where loud music is played? If yes then the tinnitus that you are hearing could be linked to exposing your ears and auditory system to loud sounds/noise.

      If the above is true and you act now then you could safe yourself a lot of discomfort and misery. If you use headphones for listening to audio or playing computer games, I advise that give it a rest for a while. Perhaps a couple of months until your ears settle down. The same applies if you go to places where loud music is played, especially if you don't use hearing protection. Stay away from these places for the same duration.

      When you resume headphone use, try to keep the volume low and I advise not to use them for too long. No more than an hour without giving your ears a rest. When you go clubbing or to a concert use noise reducing earplugs. You still need to be careful of loud sounds. If you follow these precautions I think you'll be all right. You might want to consider downloading some nature sounds from YouTube to your mobilephone better still, use a dedicated "sound machine" placed by your bedside for sound enrichment during the night. Some people may think this is unnecessary but I believe you will benefit. Please click on the links below and read my posts as you may find the information helpful.

      All the best

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