Does Nicotine Only Increase Tinnitus Temporarily?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Torgeir, May 22, 2016.

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      Hi, not sure if I'm posting this in the right section, (my first post) but here it goes:
      From time to time, could be about once or twice a month I smoke Shisha(waterpipe) with my friends. This is often quite long session and could be a lot of Nicotine.
      I haven't experienced a noticeable increase in my tinnitus after smoking before, but this night I woke up and it was louder than it had been in a long time.

      I read that Nicotine was a stimulant for tinnitus. My question is: Do you think, that since it is a stimulant the loudness of my tinnitus will go down to it's normal state when the nicotine has worn out and that I should expect this same temporary increase the next time I smoke as well?
      If you have any experience or opinions feel free to reply.
      Btw, I know smoking is bad for me, but seeing I do it so rarely I'm not stopping unless I know it's gonna worsen my tinnitus temporarily.
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      Nicotine's impact on tinnitus is temporary.
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      hey :)
      I too smoked a shisha yesterday, but only took like 8 hits total. my T is also a little increased but I drank alcohol as well so I blame the alc. I wouldnt smoke regularly though...bc I dont like shisha thaaaat much. But if you like it I would say go for it.

      there was a guy who told me to stop drinking if alcohol increases my T. But I want to drink from time to time. I personally dont want to make that restriction.
      so yeah..If you enjoy it a lot I would still do it. also once or twice a months isnt that bad.
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      i can't understand why some people love being drunk...

      i like REAL men things like Drangonball Z or spongebob.

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