Does This Sound Like Meniere's Disease?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JaGuR, Feb 6, 2016.

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      I hope this is the right board to ask this question being new.

      Anyway my story, I have had ringing in my ears for years I guess and I used to suffer what I would call foggy brain.

      I do suffer bad sinus and hay fever

      Over the last couple of years my hearing has been getting gradually worse of and on and the ringing, sound of cicadas is getting louder, I can't hear soft spoken people or noise from a distance or rain on the roof.

      The last 6 months I have had a sense of being drunk, hung over and sea sick all in one, the best way to describe it, off and on with out having had a drink.

      A few months ago I had the strangest feeling in my head, similar to standing up to quickly and you get dizzy, but I got it while laying down and it wasn't exactly the same feeling, the dizzyness funny sensation didn't go away, it lasted maybe a couple of hours, I felt I was going to pass out, but not pass out, I guess is the best way to describe it.

      I called the ambulance, my blood pressure was high, but my vitals were fine.

      Any way fast forward to about 4 weeks ago, I had what I would call a mental break down and since then the sea sickness is back, my head feels wonky, if I move, I feel nauseous, turning my head makes me dizzy, wonky, unsteady.

      The during worst of it, it feels like trying to walk on a moving train, I get exhausted very quickly and feel quite weak.

      I guess the worst of it was the first week, I have been on stemitel since.

      I am gradually getting better 3 weeks on and I have good days and bad days now, before it felt like every day was the same.

      What I am finding now is I can have a day where I feel like I am getting better still feel a little wonky in the head and a little pressure in my left ear, but can get out side and do stuff with out feeling like I am going to topple over, but then the next day the dizziness and nausea are back and the anxiety starts again.

      What I am concerned with is the feeling of week arms and legs when I am having these days, is this a symptom of menieres or a byproduct of something else.

      I have had brain scans, blood tests that all came back clear.

      I haven't been diagnosed with md yet, I just had a hearing test but not been back to the doctors yet, but the test found I had low frequency hearing loss, which I think she attributed to the middle ear, when she tested my hearing via the device though the back of my skull, not my ear, my hearing improved.

      Does this rule out md ?

      Anyway, the feeling of nausea and heavy arms and legs are what causes the most anxiety for me.

      The other thing is, I am not sure if it is the anxiety causing the symptoms, or the symptoms causing the anxiety.

      Any of this sound familiar :(
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      Meniere's Disease
      Menieres Disease can take a while to diagnose and also to rule out other problems .
      You do sound like you have some of the symptoms but these could be from your breakdown with sever Anxiety and Blood pressure as both can make you dizzy .

      ENT can do a few tests like balance tests and other others to help with your diagnosis but try not to worry and over think the worst .

      Their are a few medications to help with your symptoms so ask your doctor if your medication is not helping.

      I have had Menieres for many years now and on two lots of medication to help me.

      Keep pushing for answers till you get the help and find out what is causing the problems.
      Try stay calm and treatment for Anxiety might help and your BP checked regularly till its down .

      We have a Menieres thread to read but Try not worry about Menieres till you get diagnosed by the hospital.....lots of love glynis
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      Thanks just found the menieres disease thread and looking though it now.

      Just laying here in the dark reading my phone and my t is roaring tonight and my ear is aching :(

      It never used to worry me when it was at lower levels, was just like white noise and helped me sleep to be honest, the wife snores :)

      Thought it was normal, that everybody experienced the ear ringing until I went to the doctors with the nauseous, vertigo and wonky head.

      That was the first I had heard of menieres.

      It turns out my grand mother has it.
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      I know this is a pretty quick pitch and you may not even have Menieres Disease (although from the symptoms being explained in this post it most definitely sounds like it). A pharmaceutical company called Otonomy is working on a product called OTO-104 which is in Phase 3 of their Pipeline Trials and is made to help treat and reduce symptoms of MD. I figured it'd help you seeing this. Hope you get things figured out.

      Otonomy -
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      millions of people have menieres. it is very miserable disease that is not a virus nor a bacteria, its bad luck. it will make your eyes move to the left and thats nystagmus. its like being on the worse drunk ever multiplied by thousands. i had attacks so bad i couldnt even see my ent unless they called me from my car to come in. i had to lay flat and stare at a spot on the ceiling. it put me on the couch for 30 days staring at the ceiling, startleing and falling to the floor with projectile vomit. needless to say i was a very sick lady. you can not drive with this while in active mode. since 2009 ive only had whooshing episodes and some confustion and dizzyness but not to the degree i had when i first got it. it can start from anywhere. mine was at work, fire alarm went off and i grabbed my purse walked outside and collapsed backward to the ground with vertigo. a miserable ride home 100 miles and i was out for 30 days of misery. you can get it in various degrees but it comes with the added prize of hearing loss.
      life goes on, ive learned to ignore the T and focus on something else.
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      You likely do not have MD. Better hearing thresholds through bone conduction tests means your hearing loss is of conductive origin.

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