Does Tinnitus Ever Get Better? Mine Started from Barotrauma, Got Worse from Acoustic Trauma

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by quietmedic, Aug 12, 2019.

    1. quietmedic

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      Barotrauma + Car horn
      I'm new here, new to tinnitus.

      My tinnitus was primed years ago by ear barotrauma by an unprofessional scuba diving class, and awoken by car horns and recent acoustic trauma. Possibly made worse by several tinnitus therapy YouTube videos. Did everything wrong so far, it seems.
    2. JaysterT

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      I feel the same way. Wish there was an instruction list to follow for new sufferers.
    3. astaff14

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      Earwax/Botched Irrigation/Noise Trauma
      I hate that feeling of “doing everything wrong” it kills you inside. I did too and now I want to hurt myself for being so stupid and not taking better care of my ears. So sorry you’re dealing with this; has it gotten any better?

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