Don’t Do What I Did! Dehydration Exacerbated by Supplements (Magnesium Oxide and Vitamin C)

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Roserosie, Jun 29, 2020.

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      Hi - so since my tinnitus onset I have had lots of panic attacks and basically constant diarrhoea for a month. When I saw my GP she asked if I had had a lot of salt food recently (I hadn’t) but scared it might exacerbate the tinnitus I completely cut salt from my diet. I don’t eat any processed food except for a bit of rice and soy milk and some tofu, everything else is fresh. Scared I was getting dehydrated from the constant diarrhoea I began drinking lots of water.

      I also started taking a lots of Vitamin C. And then also a magnesium sleep tablets - which has magnesium oxide 120mg (as well as chelated magnesium). Magnesium oxide definitely causes diarrhoea. Since stopping both it has settled down. Also read that vitamin C can also cause sleeplessness.

      Anyway my insomnia was getting worse and getting crazy heart thumping whenever I would change position in bed and feeling really dizzy. Lots of shaking. Went for some walks and was getting unbelievably exhausted - hardly able to put one foot in front of the other.

      Finally figured I am probably getting dehydrated - hyponatreimic (low sodium). Started sipping some hydralyte (electrolyte powder) yesterday. Feeling a lot more normal. And I got some sleep last night!! In spite of the tinnitus getting really loud, extra scary tones. Also had a few olives and put some salt on some of my food.
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      It didn't help the ringing in my ear, not one bit. I can relate to all the above symptoms.
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      When did that spike go down for you?

      Similar situation, back on salt after feeling utter shit and was like tinnitus came back to life as a tsunami.

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