Doubt Earplugs — One Plug Fits a Little Bit Tighter Than the Other

Discussion in 'Support' started by MiaX, Aug 30, 2016.

    1. MiaX

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      Probably tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders
      Hi everyone!

      Today my custom made earplugs came in. I very happy with them, because next week I am going to a party for the first time in 9 months!

      However, there is one "problem": one earplug seems to fit a little bit tighter in my ear than the other. Does that mean the other is not good? The peron in the store told me they were fine and that your ears are different. Is she right?
    2. Tom Cnyc

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      Warehouse event after years of enjoying music.
      mine feel slightly different. my right one is a bit "tighter". it's likely fine. no matter what they're better than generics by a lot.

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