Dr. Manohar Bance (ENT) — Experiences/Opinions/Reviews?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ornitoring, May 28, 2019.

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      Acoustic trauma for repitition

      I would like to know if anyone has seen Dr. Manovar Bance, an ENT in the UK, and what they thought of him?
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      acoustic trauma
      I had e-consultation with Dr. Bance. He is very kind, patient, good listener. Even if your myoclonus or TTTS thumping is not evident by diagnostic measures (otoscope, objectively listening, or tympanogram)-- If the symptoms match -- he would be comfortable operating. He's had 12 surgeries and all were successful in resolving MEM. 1 resulted in tinnitus bc the ear bones were too tight (tympani packed in between the 2 bones), so some jostling was needed. He cuts both the tympani and stapedius.

      If you're post acoustic trauma and your thump/distortion Follows a sound instead of overlaying it, he would surmise it is MEM rather than auditory nerve damage. As a diagnostic aid, he recommends inserting an earplug deep inside the canal to see if the dampening stops the thumping. He reassured me that chronic myoclonus of the muscles tugging on the ossicles will not harm the ossicles or create hearing loss because he has never seen that as an outcome.
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      noise injury
      It's so rare to hear about a good physician that is familiar with middle ear muscle disorders and willing to treat them surgically. Most doctors in both the US and UK are numskulls dismissing people with a hand wave acting like the problem doesn't exist. "it's all in your head" they'll say. There isn't even much scientific knowledge on what causes this other than noise damage and the etiology is unknown.

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