Drop in Blood Pressure (Near Fainting) Causes My Tinnitus & Distortion Go Away — Hydrops Related?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Matchbox, May 27, 2021.

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      Hi all.

      The case for blood pressure-involved tinnitus exists.

      My tinnitus is a mess of what sounds like metal dragging on a concrete floor, rail car horns honking on and off, and of course ringing.

      I can actually reduce my tinnitus with Betahistine and Lasix. Whether I have hydrops or not is hard to know. My tinnitus is mostly problematic in the right ear but the left ear has bad wavering in the mornings.

      My blood pressure is very normal, 115/75, although my pulse is a bit high at 85. I can hear my pulse with earplugs in.

      If I get out of a hot bath too quickly or stand fast enough that I get a blood pressure drop to the point of near fainting (not greying out, just dizzy), ALL THE TINNITUS AND DISTORTION CRAP DISAPPEARS COMPLETELY. Like fades to zero.

      Shortly after another high pitched ringing occurs in both ears.

      As my blood pressure comes back, the high pitched ringing reduces but unfortunately my old tinnitus and distortions slowly fade back in. I can only reproduce this on better days when I haven't driven the vehicle up high elevations. Otherwise it doesn't work and the wavering and tinnitus persist.

      Something similar happens after working out when recovering (higher blood pressure).

      Anyone experienced anything like this? Is this hydrops related? Clearly this isn't in my head but my ear.
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      My tinnitus isn’t as bad as yours and mostly presents as loud static hiss. On occasion, I have gotten the fleeting tinnitus when my blood pressure changes in the way you have described. It’s possible you have hydrops especially since you get benefit from betahistine.

      Have you tried a low-salt diet and increased water intake (like 4L per day)? If you do in fact have hydrops maybe you should reach out to Dr. La Torre and see what he has to say about your situation and if he can help.

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