Ear Blockage and Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by T Gray, Feb 6, 2016.

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      First of all, please let me apologise up front. I have only experienced these symptoms in the past week (as of last Saturday), and I think this is because my left ear is blocked with wax (confirmed by the doctor). However,
      • I cannot get my ears syringed for two weeks whilst I await for a nurses appointment
      • I can't take the sodium bicarbonate drops for more than 7 days to soften the wax ready for syringing
      • I cannot take the otex olive oil drops as they say not to use with tinnitus
      • I am worried that this is permanant tinnitus and that it will drive me crazy
      Please could someone help me on what to do. I want to use olive oil drops to help and maybe remove it and then maybe move to the sodium bicarbonate ones, but I want to do what is right for the tinnitus and if possible, not make it permanent. Any advice on previous experience is welcome. I am 36 if that helps.

      And thank you

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