Ear Distortion — Could Neurontin Cause This?

Discussion in 'Support' started by jeannie, Oct 23, 2015.

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    1. jeannie

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      Noise-induced, Ear Infection, Medication... Who knows?
      I have had tinnitus for 3 years with it fluctuating, but today I noticed that when I talked my voice must have matched my ringing sound in my ear and to me it sounded distorted or robotic sounding on certain words...

      It's ok now but would Neurontin cause this? It really scared me, I have never had this happen before and hope I never do... Has anyone had this happen before??
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    2. Mario martz

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      it just happned to me, i was listening to the phone and my friends voice was a little robotic, metallic just..in one ear
      but i think it went away and now i can just hear fine.
      it was weird

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