Ear Fullness, Reactive to High Pitches, Never Goes Away?

Discussion in 'Support' started by NeoAnderson, Oct 18, 2016.

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      I have recently been to an ENT, taken an audio test, and he said there's nothing that can be done about the feeling of fullness in my ear and reaction I have to high noises.

      The fullness feeling hasn't gone away for a few years and it gets worse with long periods of high pitched sounds, such as taking a shower, running the sink water, etc. I have been using ear-buds while doing these because if I dont, then for the whole day I will be holding my ear as if It's a gunshot wound because it feels so full. However my ear still feels full like theres something deep inside it without doing anything, just not exacerbated. I don't really hear normal tinnitus in my ears, no more than the usual few second one that comes like once a day, but is it possible that I do have a really high tinnitus but it is so high pitched that I just can't hear it yet and its non stop and thats whats causing the fullness?
      Or is it more like a damaged ear bone?

      The tests showed no fluid, and my hearing is just as good as when I took it a few years ago. So just to make me feel better the ENT scheduled me to take a CT scan of my ear but I know theres alot of radiation to the head for that, and he said an MRI wouldn't show anything. I had an MRI a few years ago that showed no acoustic neuroma's etc, but what he's looking for with a CT I'm not sure is even related, or the real cause is necessarily visible, could be something non related and I shouldn't even expose myself for no reason if he's just going to say it looks fine?

      I'm turning 30 and this makes me feel like my life is just downhill from here and I'm breaking down. Even when watching TV or playing video games whenever there is high pitched noise like a gold "cha ching" sound my problematic left ear kind of has a "vibrational resonence" feeling. With the sink as soon as I shut it off its like an echo of extra full-ness and high pitch fade out. What is the most likely cause for something like this? TMJ ? Not enough supplements? Gluten & Sugar? The weird thing is it only happens with my left ear..
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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!
      Hello Neo and welcome to the forum.

      Seems you have Hyperacusis associated hearing issues with that ear. I suggest you look under the sub-category here called "Hyperacusis & Ear Pain" and possibly pick up some pointers from those who are suffering the same as you.

      In many cases it seems, nothing will cure this but people have had success at reducing the amount of pain and turmoil associated with it. I hope you can find some useful information here and be careful as usual on things you read. What may have worked for someone else may never work for you or I.

      I might also suggest you have a 2nd and even 3rd opinion from different doctors about your hearing and ringing.

      Best wishes and best of luck. Everyone here cares about you and understands the things you are dealing with. Feel free to reach out on any thread or any profile and ask any questions you like.

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      going for a rim shot on the snare drum.
      I agree with mike...ask ur doc for predisone...it is usually prescribed to deal with hyperacusis...def helped mine but mine wasnt as bad as urs...i still have a slight sensitivity to high pitch sounds but no pain

      Edit: b careful with it if u get it...i only took for a day because i had side effects but it seemed to help
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      unknown, probably hair cell damage
      Wat jomo said: be carefull with it. Prednisone cures a lot, but the side effets can even be worse when used for a longer timeperiod.
    5. John G

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      @NeoAnderson have you had any head trauma,whiplash etc?. I have the same symptoms as you,but I know everyones case/cause can be different. The ear fullness is a pain though. Last April I had a mri. Doc says my ears look fine. He did say I have some moderate issues going on in my neck. C1 and C2 area.I did have a bad fall when I was a kid which I believe screwed up my c1 c2. I think that is what is causing my tinnitus,earfulness. I have an appointment April 2017 to see a spine specialist. Thats too long of a wait for me. I am finding another route to try first. Possibly trying Nucca. Try googling or youtube c1 c2 instability or c1 problems. Something along those lines

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