Ear Hotness and Tinnitus (Hissing Sound)

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      Hi. I’m new hear and quite unhappy with what’s going on with me!

      I developed this hissing sound two months ago! It started with my inner ears getting hot! Then hissing got worse! Went to an ENT - gave me antibiotics and steroids! Steroids made me nuts and anxiety ridden! Didn’t cure the tinnitus!

      Then one night I woke up with a head rush and hot inner ears! Ended up in the ER. Had CT scan - had MRI!

      End results from three different doctors say allergies, sinuses, and last one said TMJ caused by stress! So who do you believe!?

      Going to a physical therapist who studied in the UK who cured my neck problems in one visit! I read tinnitus can come from neck problems!

      Anyone with similar symptoms?

      Thank you - I’m freaking out!
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      Noise Induced
      My left ear sometimes gets warm to the touch when I'm having a bad tinnitus day. I assume it's stress related.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Allergies can make your ears hot and for some people cause a feeling of itching inside and a scratching feeling in the throat.

      Try to notice what you react to.

      It could be external allergies or things in food like E numbers, artificial sugar like saccharine.

      I hope you find the problem as extra mucus from allergies can cause and spike tinnitus.

      Love Glynis
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