Ear Infection, Can You Help Me

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jesus, Oct 4, 2015.

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      Hello, I have many questions.

      First, last week on Monday my left ear started to hurt so I went to my nurse at school and she said my ears had something red in there and some ear wax.

      When I got home it stop hurting and I started to hear stuff from my ear.

      The next day my right ear started to hurt so when I saw my doctor at a clinic he said i had an ear infection in my right ear and he gave me amoxicillin and I asked him why do I hear stuff in my ear and he said that the antibiotics will make it go away but if it doesn't I will make you go to a hospital.

      I have been taking them for a couple of days and the sound hasn't gone away and sometimes feels like water comes out of my ear.

      I am asking if someone has had this and could anyone help me with this?
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      When you say "hear stuff", what exactly is it that you hear?
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      A buzzing and ringing sound
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      not sure
      Well if your T has a medical reason behind it, it may be a positive because when the problem is taken care of then the loudless of T may go down. So perhaps you can ask the doctor to give you other things to try besides Amocillin, such as prednisone steroids. Or try get another doctor to look at it as a second opinion of sort. However you should finish taking all the anti-biotic pills and this usually take more than a few days to feel the effect.
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