Ear Pain and Ear Pressure / Ear Fullness

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      Hi all! I'm 22 years old, student and this is my first post here.

      I suffer from ear pain and ear pressure and a minor T.
      I've been making electronic music on my computer for about 3 years. It seems like my sessions went to loud for periods of 6 hours full time listening to sound. I made some measurements and I think I made music around the range of 75-85db with possibly peaks to 90db howevere I couldn't be very sure since these measurements are only post factum.

      Since I had a lot of time in febr-march of this year (I'm still a student), I made about full time music. It's in march, at the end of this long period, I experienced a quite heavy ear pressure in my right ear. I thought it would go away but so far it didn't. I must say I already experienced a little ear pressure from time to time in the two years before that but it didn't have much impact on my life then, now it is totally different.
      To make it even worse, this summer vacation (when I had time to concentrate on it), the ear pressure really became painfull (without further exposure to loud sounds). And without a reason I began to have a painfull left ear too. Now it alternates from pain in my left ear to pressure (+ a little less pain) in my right ear. It's then when I developed a H. but after some reassuring reading the H. mostly went away after a few weeks. No need to be afraid of day to day sounds!
      Sometimes I forget about the pain/pressure for a few moments (when playing a very intense game/doing manual labor/studying hard) but most of the time it is on the forefront and gives me a constant anxiety and about once a week some sort of panic attack. It doesn't really helps that my genetics give that I'm naturally a quite anxious person (with lots of depressive people in the family).

      The most annoying is that I can do absolutely nothing about the pressure (I've not once been able to pop it since I have it and I must have tried thousands of times already) and that it really hurts. I have only a very minor T (only some white noise and very very low ringing (only hear my T. about 20% of the time). Only things that gives some relieve regarding the pressure is as I wear in-ear ear protection as that gives a real pressure that for about 50% offsets the pressure in feeling constantly in my right ear. I've not really been able to do something about the pain but I feel it only about 1 day on 2. However if I have time to concentrate on it (like when on vacation) it really really really becomes super painfull and it completely dominates everything, radiating to my whole cheeck. This causes that I absolutely hate free time for the moment and that's something that gives some tension in my relation with my girlfriend who is however very understanding but a bit tired of my complaining.

      I went to an ENT 1,5 months ago and she said that it could be from my Eustachina Tube as she measured some minor physical pressure. However that didn't make any sense as she measured it on both ears and I feel it only in one. What I thought to be strange is that my hearing was excellent while I certainly have T and pain/pressure.
      I took some anti-allergic nosedrops and pills for three weeks but it didn't do anything besides giving some hope and less anxiety for that period of time.

      It's now about 6 months since it started and I'm quite tired of the anxiety/pain/pressure that I'm constantly having. I'm feeling 50% of the time quite down, however when I'm really concentrated on something else I still manage to be happy and in times of panic this forum really helps :)

      I really hope that it will go away or that it has some sort of physical cause (however I have not much hope). Anyway I'm going to see the ENT again soon so I'll hope to have more news by then.
      Is there anyone with the same experiences? Some ideas to offset the pain/pressure?
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      You have done things I would suggest. I do have 2 thoughts. Not sure what you used for allergies, but I have found that Nasonex helps with ear fullness/pressure.

      Since you spend many hours at a computer, you might check your posture. A visit to a physical therapist might help.

      Finally, is there any chance you have any issues with your TM joint?
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      I don't remember the nose spray but the pills were 'Bellozal'.
      I have no issues with my TM joint, not that I know of, however I'm sometimes in doubt if the pain is in my ear or in my cheek so maybe that's something I've to mention to the ENT.
      What the posture concerns: I've always made sure that the upper edge of the screen was aligned with my eyes as I have always heard. Also I have a few months behind me (vacation) of using the computer much less so I would find it strange.

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