Ear Protectors, Perforated Eardrums and the Feeling of Fullness

Discussion in 'Support' started by Spider, Apr 16, 2013.

    1. Spider

      Spider Member

      Hello, first time poster.

      I use a computer most of the day and it's very noisy, so I recently began to use ear protectors.
      I have recently noticed after wearing them too long, my ears begin to have a strange fullness and I'm afraid I'm some how causing damage to my ears. I have perforated eardrums (both ears, can't afford to have them fixed.) is it safe to use them with perforated eardrums?

      P.S I have been lurking around these boards for a while now, it's a great comfort to know I'm not alone. I jutt want to say thank you for this site.
    2. Jordan

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      I use ear plugs at work and I notice. On top of my aural fullness that I do notice that my ears seem a bit more clogged or fuller than usual but only lasts for a few moments

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