Ear Spasms/Twitching?

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Hichem, Apr 9, 2016.

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      Hi guys,

      In like September 2015 I had Tinnitus, I panicked for couple of weeks and went to ENTs and stuff, did MRI and I'm fine, although a psychiatric said it's from my anxiety (not sure even if I have one). Although I only notice it at silence and it doesn't affect me now.


      Past month I've been experiencing this twitching inside my ear, it used to happen like once every 5/4 days or so, I ignored it thinking it's no big deal, but in the past 2 days I've been having it several times a day for couple of seconds, I'm starting to worry about it and was wondering if anyone can help me know what's going on?

      Is it like anxiety related? (since January I've been 24/7 in my room alone if that helps)
      Or is it like earwax touching eardrum?
      Or damage in inner ear?

      Thanks for an answer and for reading!

      EDIT: I think I caught a slight cold in the past week and usually between winter/spring change I get ill sometimes but I never had this twitching before, just thought I'd drop this maybe It'll help
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      Hi Hichem,
      The twitching may be middle ear myoclonus. Check out tensor tympanic, stapedial, and palatal myoclonus. Middle ear muscle spasms that can be very disturbing. Often brought on from stress/anxiety or other neuro disorder. A good ENT will be able to confirm. Hope you feel better.
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      I was planning to visit an ENT tomorrow but somehow today, since I woke up I have no twitching or anything.. weird
      didn't really expect that since last few days were annoying but, if it's gone then good riddance, hope it's not temporary

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