EarPlugs and Bone Conduction?

Discussion in 'Support' started by latestnight, Nov 20, 2014.

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      I usually will wear foam earplugs while riding my bicycle to cut down on road noise from all of the traffic. This works fine, but there is one exception which really bothers me.

      The roads on my commute are really bumpy, and whenever I go over a large bump, I can hear and feel the bump. The "noise" that the bump makes is a fairly loud thud or other deep sensation deep within my ears. I am wondering if the noise is always there, or if it is caused or exacerbated by bone conduction or the plugs. I am hoping someone else knows what I am talking about. A similar effect is experienced if you jump up and down really hard while wearing foam plugs.

      I am wondering if this loud sensation can damage the lower frequencies or my hearing. So far I don't think I have noticed any effect, but I fear that any damage might be insidious. Maybe I am overthinking it.

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      It's a medical mystery. Also if you try to speak with earplugs in, your voice will sound 10x louder! Scientists are still working on why..:p
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      do you really need to wear the earplugs? how long/loud is the journey?
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      Drugs barotrauma
      I have the same concern...I just went out for a skate outside and the ice was bad. I am wearing ear plugs and the noise is incredible just skating and hitting bumps. The exterior noise is about 75 db, my skates crunching on the ice as I skate. And louder if I shoot the puck. Everything is loud and painful and ear plugs don't help with bone conducted noise....after a 20 min skate my ears feel bruised and painful. I can't win, I just can not no matter what I try. My T and H just gets worse and worse the more I do.

      Do I risk it and go out and live life anyway? I have done this in the past and my T has doubled and my H went 10 times as high. Or do I sit in my house day after day for the next 40 years being tortured by this noise. Hmmm...choices
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      15 minute bike ride, a little over two miles. I probably don't need to wear them, but I ride on busy roads, and there are a ton of loud buses and other trucks that I don't like subjecting my ears to.
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      mid seventies
      I wear earplugs when it's windy when I'm riding my bike or jogging. The jogging really is loud in my head but doesn't seem to aggravate my T. Bass guitar at a concert would certainly aggravate it though, plugs or no plugs.

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