Embarrassing but... Can talking to oneself cause tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ben Jubel, Feb 12, 2014.

    1. Ben Jubel

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      I talk to myself sometimes. Its because I am bored and stay home a lot. Does the constant talking have any effect on hearing loss or tinnitus?
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    2. yonkapin

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      March 2012
      Nope, unless you're screaming to yourself for hours everyday - you're all good!
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    3. Micky

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      10 / 2000
      Definitely not !! Put on some quiet music playing in the background and find yourself a hobby.. Nothing wrong with talking to yourself.. Lots of people do it.. I know i do .. Micky
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    4. Valentin

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    5. citigirl13

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      I doubt it - my dad talks to himself all the time and he has never had T. Can't see how it would cause ringing in ears
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    6. Grace
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      Grace Member

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      I talk to myself and sing to myself and that deff didnt give me T lol
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    7. Amelia

      Amelia Member

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      No. Actually the voice can sometimes help with masking.

      I sing when I get in the car before turning on the engine (can't stand those few seconds of ringing)
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    8. Neenie

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      We have an acoustic reflex. We have muscles that hold the middle ear (the three bones) in place (kinda), and when a loud sound is heard the mucles contract and make the middle ear stiffer so less sound get conducted through to the inner ear. This only works for loud sounds that you yourself generate. When animals make mating calls, those are the loudest sounds they ever hear and so they are protected from damage by the acoustic reflex. Unfortunately it only protects you from your own internal screams not the nightclubs! Boo, evolution just isnt keeping up! :)

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