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Discussion in 'Support' started by glynis, Feb 6, 2016.

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      Just wanted to ask members from around the world who may have a NHS or insurance how fast can you get to see a ENT specialist.

      In England its a six month wait unless you have other problem's before you get referred by ENT or pay private .

      Just wondering as some members see one or two quite quickly ....lots of love glynis
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      I'm in the netherlands and was seen by an ent rather quick i guess. At the University hospital they had walk in hours, every workday if i recall correctly. After that i had to wait two to three weeks for a follow up appoinment and a hearing test.

      But being seen by an ent quickly is one thing. Getting some real help is another: in the netherlands it's not standard procedure to presribe prednison after tinnitus onset.
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      With insurance within days.
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      Sorry to hear that guys. There definitely needs to be more awareness in the medical community, and within the general population, that ringing of the ears, that persists for more than a few hours, needs to be considered a medical emergency, since it can lead to a permanent debilitating condition that might be prevented if you act quickly. I sat around for about 3 days waiting to see if it would go away before I finally decided to look it up and found this place and got an appointment 6 days later. And I'm seeing so many other members waiting even longer than that or not being able to get help quicker because they are not really sure if it's anything serious. I had no clue about things like Prednisone best being able to help restore hearing in the first 48 hours.

      In fact when it comes to Tinnitus, I just don't think, just any ENT cuts it. I don't even know if a neurologist wouldn't be a better choice, neurotologist or at least an ENT that really specializes in Tinnitus.
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