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      I just joined Tinnitus Talk, this is my first post so apologies if I'm in the wrong area.

      For what it's worth, I shelled out the big bucks for Neuromonics and used it religiously for 9 months. Sadly last week, after 9 months I've given up as the apparent noise hadn't diminished at all. Not using it for 10 days hasn't made the tinnitus any louder.

      For those wishing to give it a try, their instructions are to use it 2 to 4 hours per day, but I'd suggest at least 3 hours and in conjunction with every other natural method you can manage. My advice though would be to not shell out the big bucks.

      I've previously tried massage, acupuncture and another music system all to no great effect. I suspect I've always just accepted it (11 years now) as one of the bad things in an otherwise fabulous life, a bit like going bald, so habituation was probably never going to be the miracle cure.

      Nevertheless, I hate the noise and the hearing loss, so I'm thinking something more radical now. The stem cell option looks exciting and so do lots of the other medical research stories I've read here.

      Surely it's just a matter of time!!
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      Welcome to the forum!
      You posted in an existing member's introduction thread, so I moved your message away from there and created a new thread for only you.

      Do you mind specifying which other music system you tried previously? Was it something we already have a thread about on Tinnitus Talk?

      Too bad the Neuromonics didn't do a thing for you. Did you find the counseling sessions helpful? Doesn't Neuromonics include some counseling sessions? Or are they just for readjustments?

      Best wishes,

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